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Majestic 5 X 5 Canopy
Majestic 8 X 8 Canopy
Majestic 10 X 10 Canopy
Majestic 10 X 15 Canopy
Majestic 10 X 20 Canopy
Hexagon 81 Canopy
StarShade 400 Canopy
StarShade 800 Canopy
StarTwin 685 Canopy
StarTwin 1320 Canopy
StarStage 550 Canopy

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KD Kanopy
1921 E. 68th Ave.
Denver, Colorado 80229


Vision Statement:

We are your solution provider for instant canopies and shelters, we manufacture the most durable, long lasting and fastest setup, portable canopy on the market today.

KD Kanopy

We have more than 25 years of military tent and shelter production experience for both the Federal Government, U.S.Armed Forces and commercial customers.  We specialize in the production of superior performing shelters using industrial fabrics and state-of-the-art production technologies.  Some of our product lines include the Majestic Series of Canopies, PartyShade, Hexagon, StarShade and StarTwin tension set tents.

As a certified small business, we are committed to following strict procedures and have set very high quality standards.  As a leading manufacturer with design capabilities that supply the U.S. Military, government institutes, and private companies worldwide, we are committed to supplying quality military shelters and other products to our customers. Our capabilities consist of canopy manufacturing, screen printing, full coverage digital printing, banners and indoor/outdoor signage.
We stand behind all of our tent and shelter products with a full customer satisfaction guarantee and a warranty that is superior to all others, we understand there are many choices out there, but KD Kanopy is always the best choice.

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